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Basic types of tree trimming and pruning are described below.  Please call the office or email us to schedule an estimate.  Please have in mind how many trees you will be requiring removal or trimming and any details about the project.  


Tree Trimming from Damage

           Damages or wounds from storm damage should be attended to as quickly as possible so that the components of rot are less likely to set in.  Tomahawk arborist can not only repair these damaged parts but we can apply systemic fungicides to ensure the tree heals and repairs itself properly.  


Cosmetic and Interior Tree Trimming and Shaping

           Cosmetic Tree trimming and shaping is essential weather you are trying to get more sun on your lawn or improving the beauty of your tree.  In nature, the primary outer canopy tends to shade the interior branches, thus receiving less light.  This causes them to die and disappear.  This process creates a beautiful open look to the tree.  Tomahawk can speed up this process up which creates a beautiful tree structure perfect for up lighting or town lighting.  


Structural Pruning

         As a young tree starts to find its place in its environment its growth will tend to integrate with the surrounding trees weather the tree is growing by itself in the open or in the forest.  Tomahawk can make recommendations on how to manage this situation


Land and Brush Clearing

            Tomahawk can help you reclaim overgrown areas by removing unwanted trees and scrubby vegetation.  The net result can be breathtaking.  Talk to our Tomahawk representatives today to learn more.  


Canopy Lifting

             Canopy lifting serves many purposes.  It can improve the visual ascetics and can make your yard more functional for activates and maintenance.  Canopy lifting can allow the landscape to breathe as well as make room for understory plants to thrive.  


Tree Pruning for Fruit Trees

           Training and pruning of fruit trees is essential.  Annual pruning is recommended for a higher quality fruit product earlier in life and a longer life.  


If you have questions or concerns about the scope of your project please call the office or email us.



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